Can you answer this Preposition or Conjunction Question?



Which sentences contain a subordinating conjunction?


a. The children booked tickets online before they saw the film.


b. They decided to go to the park after the film.


c. The children bought popcorn and a drink before the film.


d. They went to the park after the film and they played on the slide.






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What are Prepositional Phrases?

Prepositional Phrases resources, teach, test and instantly assess:

- Define prepositional phrases as phrases that start with a preposition 

- List common prepositions including in, on, at, from, behind, ahead, over and above 

- Prepositional phrases can tell us about where an action takes place

- Prepositional phrases can tell us about when an action took place

- Prepositional phrases acting as adverbs and adverbial phrases

- Examples of more than one prepositional phrase in a sentence

- Prepositional phrases describing how an action was done

- Prepositional phrases acting as adjectives and adjectival phrases

- Adverbial and adjectival phrases


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