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children playing football


Which sentence below has two prepositions?


A. Theo scored at the last minute when he kicked the ball into the net.


B. In the last minutes of the game Theo managed to score a goal.




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What are prepositions?

This teacher resource covers every type of KS2 preposition.

Prepositions are words that link two nouns in a sentence they form a relationship between one noun and another noun. Prepositions can tell us where, when and which direction something or someone is in relation to somehting else.

There are three key types of preposition at Key Stage 2 where (place), when (time) and direction prepositions but other types of prepositions are examined and these are covered also including with, from, to, because of, despite, of, for, by, of and for.

Though you don’t necessarily need to know anything about nouns, verbs and adjectives to get the most from this resource your students should at least have some familiarity with KS1 English Grammar, since almost all of the examples include nouns, adjectives and verbs.

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