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Is your child on track to pass the grammar part of this year's SATs? Learn Club has devised a quick test to reveal whether your child is likely to pass or fail the grammar SATs.

  • LearnClub.co.uk have produced a test to find out if your child will pass or fail this year's grammar SATs
  • Learn Club can help teach anyone English grammar, even your 11 year old!
  • Worried about their result? Have a go and see and don’t despair if they fail because it’s not too late.

We used to be worried about the proper use of too, to and two but today's 11 year olds face questions from the very fringes of grammar like this subjunctive mood question.
subjunctive mood question

Even amazing grammar teachers can struggle with some of the questions like this one..
The Perfect Form

A new website plans to change all that as they start releasing ranges of digital books that teach every aspect of English Literacy from an adjective to the subjunctive and starting with the very first English grammar books ever to actually clearly explain all aspects of English grammar.


The writers have spent years researching and writing the first range of resources to be released - 21 grammar lessons with, simple, step by step delivery of the content followed immediately by SATs style question books that really test the learning. All free to access at learnclub.co.uk.


Learn club leverages a proven formula of delivering lesson content designed for learning, followed instantly by lots of questions that test that learning and the answers to easily assess the knowledge and understanding, enabling the learner to quickly revisit areas of weakness which motivates them to want to learn more.

Test whether your child is likely to pass this year's grammar part of the SATs with this simple 10 question test and answer book below.



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