Learn about the characters in traditional stories - Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks free preview.

Characters in Stories



Learn about the Characters in Traditional Stories





Look at these characters from stories



a character from

Red Riding Hood


a character from

Goldilocks and The Three Bears


a character from

The Three Little Pigs



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Copy the correct sentence

 write-your-answer 1. Characters have to be people.

write-your-answer 2. Characters can be people or animals




Characters in stories might be good


 Characters might be good, helpful, or friendly etc


Characters in stories might be bad



Characters might be crafty, wicked or scary etc


Copy the correct sentence

write-your-answer 3. Stories have mostly bad characters in them.

write-your-answer 4. Stories usually have good and bad characters in them. 




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Adjectives are used to describe characters  



write-your-answer 5. Write a sentence describing Red Riding Hood using the three adjectives above that describe her best in this picture




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Adjectives are used to describe characters



write-your-answer 6. Write a sentence describing the wolf using the three adjectives above that describe him best in this picture





The different parts of a story (the plot) can be shown as a story mountain. The most exciting part of the story is shown at the top of the mountain. Look at this story mountain for Red Riding Hood:




download the story mountain




Create your own story mountain.


write-your-answer 7. List the main events in order of the story of Red Riding Hood

A. ⬇

B. ⬇

C. ⬇

D. ⬇

E. ⬇


poster-activity 8. Draw each main event on a flag


poster-activity 9. Design your own mountain







download english stories worksheet 4



write-your-answer 10. Where is the story of Red Riding Hood set?

write-your-answer 11. Why do you think the writer of the story se the story in this place?

write-your-answer 12. This story is told by…  

a. Red Riding Hood

b. the wolf

c. someone else

write-your-answer 13. Which character does the writer of the story want you to like?

write-your-answer 14. How do you know the writer wanted you to like this character?


A verb is a doing word. It tells us the action which is taking place in a sentence. Look at this sentence:

The wolf ran to grandmother’s cottage.


The word ran tells us what the wolf was doing. The word ‘ran’ is a verb because it describes what action the wolf was doing. Now look at this sentence:


The wolf dressed in grandmother’s clothes.


write-your-answer 15. What is the verb in this sentence?


Verbs also tell us when something happens. A verb in the past tense tells us that the action has already happened.


write-your-answer 16. Which of these three sentences tell us that the wolf was in the woods yesterday?

a. The wolf is going for a walk in the woods.

b. The wolf is walking in the woods.

c. The wolf went for a walk in the woods.





How good overcomes bad is a theme in many stories


In many types of stories good, kind characters meet bad, cruel characters.


write-your-answer 17. Did this happen in Red Riding Hood? Write a sentence about this.

At the end of the story the good character usually comes out best.


write-your-answer 18. Did this happen in Red Riding Hood? Write a sentence about this.




Traditional stories often have a theme similar to one of these:


how someone sad becomes happy


how someone wise overcomes someone foolish


how someone poor becomes rich


How a good character overcomes a bad character


how someone’s life changes for the better



Traditional stories usually finish with one of these happy endings


write-your-answer 19. What is the theme in the story of Red Riding Hood?




Create your own Red Riding Hood play.


download red riding hood play characters and set


write-your-answer 20. Make a list of the names of all the characters in the story of Red Riding Hood.







write-your-answer   21. Write a list of what each character is going to say or think, in the correct order they are going to say or think it.

 poster-activity  22. Design your stage by drawing some scenery, cut-out your characters and add their speech or thinking bubbles.

acting 23. Put on your play... act it out with your partner. 



write-your-answer 24. One character appears in the story twice. Why is this?

write-your-answer 25. If you could add one more character in this story who would you add and why?





End of lesson Thinking Activity

Finish the sentence below.

 I think I learn the most when..







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 Homework 4 - Traditional Stories


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