Learn about the structure of a traditional story - Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears



Learn about the Characters in a Traditional Story - Goldilocks and The Three Bears





 The people, animals or things in a story are called characters


Goldilocks is one of the characters in the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears. You can usually tell what a character is like by the things that they do.


These are the things that Goldilocks does in this story...




DOWNLOAD 'What Goldilocks Does' List


a. Goldilocks goes into the bears' cottage while they are out for a walk.

b. She tastes each of the bears' porridge and eats all of Baby Bear's porridge.

c. She sits in each of the bears' chairs and breaks Baby Bear's chair.

d. She tries each of the bears' beds and falls asleep in Baby Bear's bed.

e. She wakes up when the bears return home to their cottage.

f. When she sees the bears, Goldilocks runs away as fast as she can.






write-your-answer 1. Which of the things that Goldilocks did in the story do you think was wrong?

a. She goes into the bears' cottage. _______

b. She tastes each of the bears' porridge. _______

c. She eats all of Baby Bear's porridge. _______

d. She tries each of the bear's chairs. _______

e. She breaks Baby Bear's chair. _______

f. She tries each of the bear's beds. _______

g. She falls asleep in Baby Bear's bed. _______

h. She wakes up when the bears come home. _______

i. She runs away when she sees the bears. _______

write-your-answer 2. From your answers what do you think Goldilocks is like?

write-your-answer 3. Use the 'List of what Goldilocks does' to say when Goldilocks does each of the things below in the story.

a. This is what Goldilocks does at the beginning of the story

b. This is what Goldilocks does in the middle of the story

c. This is what Goldilocks does at the end of the story


Look at these adjectives that could be used to describe a character in a story


write-your-answer 4. Which three of the adjectives above describe Goldilocks the best?

_______ , _______ , _______

write-your-answer 5. In the story, do you think that Goldilocks is…

well-behaved? | badly behaved?

write-your-answer 6. Is this story about…

pretend events? | real events?

write-your-answer 7. Are the characters in this story…

real? | pretend?

write-your-answer 8. Which of these things did the story tell you?

a. The story was set in the woods. ______

b. Stories were often set in the woods in the past. ______

c. The story had bears in it. ______

d. Stories in the past often had animals in them. ______

e. Stories in the past often had problems in them. ______

f. Goldilocks caused problems for the bears. ______


Look at the end of the story:


When Goldilocks woke up and saw the bears, she was so frightened that she jumped out of the bed and ran all the way home as fast as she could.

write-your-answer 9. If you were going to write the next part of this story (the sequel), which one of these would be an interesting thing to happen?


a. Goldilocks goes back to the bears' cottage to collect her bag, which she has left there. _____

b. The bears decide to move away from that part of the wood. _____

c. The bears decide to visit Goldilocks' house when she is out, and try all of her things. _____


write-your-answer 10. Why do you think that this would make a good sequel? Explain your answer.

write-your-answer 11. Later on that night Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear were discussing Goldilocks breaking into their house.


What do you think they said about her?





Extension Activity


You are going to write an email to the film director for Goldilocks and the Wolf with an opening paragraph for a different version of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


The bears have not gone out for a walk - they are still finishing breakfast when Goldilocks opens the door of the cottage. Describe what happens when Goldilocks and the three bears meet.


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 Can you think of words that describe porridge? 



Goldilocks eventually turned her life around and become the leading expert in porridge. She started her own company - Goldilocks Inc. The Healthy Eating Porridge Company.

Goldilocks wants to launch a new porridge called Just Right! But needs help designing the packaging.

Use the adjective bank below to design your porridge packaging.


DOWNLOAD the blank packaging



Adjective ideas: scrumptious, yummy, delicious, tasty, hot, warm, chilled, cold, crunchy, crisp, chunky, fresh, refreshing, healthy, homemade, super, natural, deluxe, organic...






End of lesson Pair Thinking Activity

You are going to work with a partner on this activity.







Looking at Characters in Traditional Stories


Goldilocks and The Three Bears


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