Learn about introducing the characters, settings and problems in an early traditional story - Red Riding Hood free preview.



Red Riding Hood




Learn about the characters, settings and problems in an early traditional story.






Stories have these three main features:



the characters


the characters are who is in the story

the setting


the setting is where the story takes place

the plot


the plot is what happens in the story 

the plot of a story usually has a problem in it





The setting in a story is the place where a story is set.


If you were writing a story today you might set your story in any of these places:



a cinema


a theme park


a park






In the past, nearly everyone lived near a wood or a forest.




Imagine it is hundreds of years ago. People lived in simple wooden cottages. There were no books with stories in, no television, and no electricity.


In the evening, families would gather round the fire to eat. They would tell each other tales that would pass the time until bedtime.


Wolves lived in the woods at that time and they were very dangerous. Children needed to know that it wasn’t safe to go into the woods.

The best way to teach children this message was in a story.





The first traditional stories…


 were set in a wood, a forest or a cottage


had characters such as a wolf, bears or pigs in them


these characters act like people  

 had a problem in them



had a good character in them



and in the story the good character meets a bad character


 What do you think the message of red riding hood is? 





This is the plot of Red Riding Hood…




download red riding hood story


Red Riding Hood is walking through the woods. She is a kind girl who is taking a basket of food to her sick grandmother.


She meets a wolf in the woods. The wolf pretends to be nice to find out where Red Riding Hood is going.


Once the wolf finds out that she is going to her grandmother’s cottage, he rushes to the cottage and gets there before her.


When Red Riding Hood gets to the cottage, the wolf has just eaten Grandmother and is sitting in bed in grandmother’s clothes.


Although Red Riding Hood thinks her grandmother seems strange - her grandmother’s eyes and ears looks big and her voice is very croaky, Red Riding Hood does not realise that it is the wolf. Suddenly the wolf tries to eat her too.


Red Riding Hood screams and a woodcutter rushes in and saves her. He

grabs the wolf and makes him spit out Grandmother. 





The message in this story is…



It is dangerous to go into the woods on your own, because you might get tricked by a nasty wolf.








There are three parts of the story Red Riding Hood:


The setting - where the story takes place

This story takes place in the woods



The characters - who is in the story 

There is a good and a bad character in this story




The plot - what happens in the story 

The bad character causes a problem for the good character in this story





download red riding hood questions worksheet 



write-your-answer 1.Where is the setting at the beginning of the story?

write-your-answer 2. Who is the good character in Red Riding Hood?

write-your-answer 3. Who is the bad character in Red Riding Hood?

write-your-answer 4. Where is the setting at the end of the story?

write-your-answer 5. What was the message in the story?

write-your-answer 6. If you were living at the time of this story would you have listened to the message?  yes  or  no

       Explain your answer.

write-your-answer 7. Which character did the writer of the story want us to like?

write-your-answer 8. Why do you think the writer wanted us to like this character?

write-your-answer 9. Why is the wolf the only character in the story that appears in two different ways?







In Red Riding Hood there is a warning about not going into the woods on your own




There is another warning in the story of Red Riding Hood that could apply today - this warning is:


Don’t judge someone or something by how they look. People or things are not always what they seem.


 List the two times in the story when Red Riding Hood did not heed this warning 





Imagine that you are Red Riding Hood. Write an email to your friend Snow White.



write-your-answer 10. Tell her how why you didn’t realise at first that Grandmother was actually the wolf!







Writing Activity


poster-activity 11. You are going to make a poster about the traditional story Red Riding Hood.



Before you start, make some notes about the key points in this story:


 make-some-notes  12. Why was Red Riding Hood set in a wood?

 make-some-notes  13. Who was the good character in this story?

make-some-notes 14. What was the warning in Red Riding Hood?

make-some-notes 15. Why were warnings were put in children’s stories in the past?






Download How to design a poster



Before you begin this activity plan your poster:




Use a large sheet of paper to make your poster. When your poster is finished, you could show and explain your poster to someone else.






End of lesson Thinking Activity 

You will learn more if you think about how you are learning.


make-some-notes The most important thing I learned in this lesson was …








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Introduction to Traditional Stories 


Red Riding Hood




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