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The Three Little Pigs



Looking at the Characters in a Traditional Story






Story outline of The Three Little Pigs



Download the story outline here

The story begins when three little pigs, who are all brothers, leave the farmyard to build homes of their own. The youngest pig decides that he will make his house out of straw; the middle pig decides that he will make his house out of sticks and the eldest pig decides that he will make his house out of bricks.


Each pig collects the materials for his house and sets about building it. The straw house is not very strong, the house of sticks is a bit stronger and the brick house is the strongest of all.


One night, a wolf knocks on the door of the straw house.

"Little pig, little pig, let me come in," calls the wolf.

"Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!" replies the first little pig.

"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down!" shouts the wolf.

With that, he blows down the straw house and gobbles up the pig.



The next night, the wolf knocks on the door of the house made of sticks. The wolf has the same conversation with the second little pig. He then blows down the house of sticks and gobbles up the pig.


On the third night, the wolf tries the same trick with the third little pig, which lives in the brick house. He blows as hard as he can, but is unable to blow down the house. So he decides instead to climb down the chimney. He falls down the chimney and straight into a large pot of water which the pig had left boiling over the fire. The wolf is killed and the third little pig lives happily ever after.






You are going to create a story mountain for the story The Three Little Pigs.


write-your-answer1. Complete this story mountain for the story The Three Little Pigs


Download a photocopiable story mountain here







nouns name things

the three pigs | the crafty wolf | the straw house







adjectives are words that tell us more about nouns








The first little pig's house was not very strong.


write-your-answer 2. Copy three adjectives from the word bank below that describe the first little pig's house.



_______ , _______ , _______


write-your-answer 3. Write a sentence describing the straw house using an adjective.


Download the adjective word banks here





The second little pig's house was not as easy to blow down as the first little pig's house was.




_______ , _______ , _______


write-your-answer 4. Copy three adjectives from the word bank above to describe how the second little pig’s house looks compared to the first little pig's house.





Comparing things using Adjectives


write-your-answer 5. Complete these sentences using a suitable adjective. Use either weaker, harder or stronger


a. The second little pig built a _______ house than the first little pig.

b. A house made of straw will be _______ than a house made of sticks.

c. The stick house was much _______ to blow down than the straw house.





The third little pig's house could not be blown down.



_______ , _______ , _______

write-your-answer 6. Write three adjectives from the word bank below to describe how the third little pig's house looks compared to both his brothers' houses.





Describing a Character


Look at these details about the wolf



This is what the wolf does


He likes to eat pigs. In order to do this, he has to huff and puff and blow their houses down first. He is always looking out for pigs that live in houses made of sticks or straw. These houses are the easiest for him to blow down. He doesn’t like to attack pigs that live in brick houses.

This is what the wolf looks like


The wolf is brown and hairy all over. He has exceptionally large eyes, pointed ears and huge sharp teeth. He has tremendously powerful breath, which can blow down flimsy buildings.

This is where the wolf lives


The wolf lives in the woods. He will usually be found there, hiding behind a tree near the path, ready to jump out at any pigs walking by.


This wolf is dangerous and wanted by the police for eating little pigs. DO NOT approach him or talk to him. If you see the wolf, telephone the nearest police station immediately, stating where and when you saw him. There is a reward for his capture.





write-your-answer 7. Draw a picture of the wolf for the police.


Download the blank mug shot & police board here





write-your-answer 8. List eight things that you know about him for the police report.






We can tell what a character in a story is like by the following:


1. What the character looks like.

2. What the character does or how the character behaves.

3. What the character says and the way the character says it.

4. How the character thinks or feels.






You are advising the director of the film "The Wolf of Wood Street" and in the next scene the wolf is about to knock on the first little pig's door.


The director has asked for notes on:

write-your-answer 9. What the wolf says to the first little pig.

write-your-answer 10. A sentence to describe what the wolf looks like.

write-your-answer 11. A sentence about what the wolf is thinking at the first little pig's house.

write-your-answer 12. What does the wolf do at the first little pig's house?





In the final scene the wolf was unable to blow the brick house down as it was too strong.


The director has asked you to answer these questions from the actor:


write-your-answer 13. How do you think the wolf feels about the brick house?

write-your-answer 14. How do you think the wolf feels about the third little pig?

write-your-answer 15. A list of what you know about the wolf that tells you he is a bad character.

a. ______________

b. ______________

c. ______________

d. ______________

e. ______________





Some traditional stories had a warning in them.




The design department want you to finish the poster for the film.

write-your-answer 16. What warning should go on the poster?






Describing a Character


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write-your-answer 17. Make a list of the lies that the wolf has told about himself in his advert.










 Pronouns are words that replace nouns 

They save repeating the same name over and over again.


The name of someone or something will be a noun we can use pronouns to replace nouns



In the story of the three little pigs, the wolf was the bad character.

The wolf tried to eat all three pigs.


write-your-answer18. Rewrite the two sentences again using the pronoun he to replace a name







End of lesson Thinking Activity

Which of your working with a partner rules do you think is the most important?









Looking at Characters in Traditional Stories


The Three Little Pigs


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