KS2 History + English The First Roman Invasion of Britain Lessons 1 to 8


KS2 History + English

Julius Caesar's First Invasion of Britain in 55 BCE




a set of 24 lessons


Every aspect of Caesar's first invasion is covered. We start in Boulogne at midnight on August 22nd (this is the revised date that was identified in 2007). We move from how many men and what types of ship Caesar took with him to the attempted landing on Dover beach with the Britons waiting for him on the cliff tops. The 24 lessons then move through all the details of this invasion right through to the storms that wrecked Caesar's ships and forced him to return home. 


There is also coverage of the lives of the Britons at this time including how they lived, and where they lived. We also compare their armour and weapons to those of the Romans. 

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About the history in these lessons:

This set of 24 lessons take you through the whole invasion from beginning to end.

At the start of the first lesson, Julius Caesar is in Gaul and thinking about invading Britain.

We look at four of the key reasons why Caesar wanted to invade Britain - these reasons were not just for Rome - they were mostly for Caesar


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Caesar had five big problems with this invasion.

These included Caesar being in such a rush to invade that he sailed without the cavalry that he would later need, and leaving the invasion until the autumn which was a bad time of year to start a campaign with the British weather. We cover all five reasons in detail. Later in the lessons we look at more reasons why Caesar invaded Britain.


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These lessons also look ho at how the empire that Rome created was organised.

This included how the Romans had a poll tax to tax all the people in its empire and how they charged tariffs on all the goods bought and sold across the empire. We have covered this in a way that is easy for KS2 children to understand. All the research we have used and the lesson content is tailored for the KS2 age group.




There is a lot of detail about this invasion that is buried deep on history websites and in research articles that is not quick or easy to find.


We have made the lessons easy to follow and colourful. We have used graphics, diagrams, speech bubbles, charts and maps where possible to increase interest and develop understanding.


Lessons that set Roman history in context

with preview pages for each lesson


Lesson 2 - Sample Pages: KS2 English History Roman invasion of Britain Lesson 2 - Sample Pages: KS2 English History Roman invasion of Britain Lesson 2 - Sample Pages: KS2 English History Roman invasion of Britain


About the English in these lessons

These lessons will develop a range of KS2 comprehension skills including retrieval, inference, prediction, explanation, deduction, summarising and forming an opinion.

These lessons will also develop a range of KS2 writing skills. Writing tasks in these lessons include reports, recounts, newspaper articles, diary entries, and formal and informal letters. All these writing tasks have support pages that explain how each writing task should done.  

What else is in these lessons

All lessons have higher order questions that will develop higher order thinking skills. Most lessons also have a metacognitive question that will develop metacognition. The content of these lessons can also be used by teachers to ask questions 
of their own, create their own activities, or set their own writing tasks.


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24 Lessons Caesar's First Invasion of Britain 55 BCE


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1. Julius Caesar is Thinking of Invading Britain

2. Caesar is Going to Invade Britain

3. Caesar Crosses the English Channel

4. An Eagle-Bearer Saves the Day

5. Eagle-Bearers in the Roman Army

6. Caesar's Dog Sails to Britain

7. A Roman Soldier's First Day in Britain

8. Caesar's Invasion of Britain





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9. Caesar's Parrot Crosses the Channel

10. Caesar's Problems - Part I

11. Caesar's Problems - Part II

12. Caesar and the Spy

13. Two Days in August 55 BCE

14. How Roman Marching Camps were Built

15. Writing a Letter about a Marching Camp

16. Nine Reasons Why Caesar Invaded Britain





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17. Writing a Recount about Caesar's Invasion

18. Writing a Report about Caesar's Invasion

19. Did the Romans Win?

20. Did Caesar Invade too late?

21. Caesar's own Account of the Invasion - 1

22. Caesar's own Account of the Invasion - 2

23. An Interview with Julius Caesar

24. Why the Romans wanted to Conquer other Countries





These lessons are arranged in the time order of events but each one has been written so that it stands alone.





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