Super Spelling

Arrives Summer 2018

With Super Spelling tests, pupils are motivated to learn to spell

because every word is worth a certain number of points.


With Super Spelling, pupils are motivated not only by getting more than one mark for each word - they are also motivated because difficult words are worth more than simple ones.

Spelling point values have been worked out according to the presence of the 44 phonemes, common letter strings, suffixes, prefixes, pluralisation and silent letters.



Because bicycle is valued at 14 points it is more motivating for pupils to learn this word than for example the word made which, because of its construction, is worth only 6 points.

Every word in Super Spelling is NLS-linked AND has had a unique point score individually worked out for it. Bicycle is worth 14 points because it contains:

bi 4 points for a prefix
c 2 points for a soft c
y 3 points for y acting as a vowel
cle 5 points for the common letter pattern CLE


Each Learn Club Clever Speller Year comes with every test, downloadable & printable spelling tests and a glossary of words and points.