learn club about us


Learn Club provides teachers with the tools they need to teach children how to learn.

Learn Club prepares pupils for their future in the 21st Century by delivering the curriculum and at the same time Learn Club resources deliver:

Bloom’s Taxonomy at ALL Levels.

Every 21st Century Thinking Skill: Creative Thinking;

Critical Thinking; Problem Solving; Metacognition and Self Regulation.

Learn Club uses the curriculums required education content at KS1 and KS2 to develop critical 21st Century thinking skills for pupils to help prepare them for their future in the 21st Century.

learn club 21st Century thinking

Learn Club motivates pupils to want to learn more complex content, for instance, Learn Club’s Super Spelling tests contain points for each word and the number of points is determined by the complexity of the word they need to spell. The Super Spelling tests are designed to deliver the right word at the right time whilst helping the pupils understand the complexity of different words through a simple points based system, identify more complex words whilst motivating them to want to learn more complex words by earning more points.


learn club super spelling


Examination is a critical part of pupils education providing the quantitative feedback on their progress. Learn Club helps maximise pupils examination results by providing exam style practice questions, for every topic and, for instance, with Learn Clubs maths Jump Starts we’ve analysed over 10 years of maths exam questions and written our Jump Starts to deliver questions proportionally based on their rate of occurrence in the maths examinations.

Learning needs to be able to happen anywhere without the restriction of delivery so Learn Clubs resources are in the cloud and can be accessed on any connected digital device or simply download and printed, although we would ask you to respect the environment and only print our resources if you really need to.


Learn Club realises that learning is a life long skill and so have produced resources to help teachers learn including CPD resources and help on 21st Century teaching and learning. 


Learn realises the importance of extrinsic motivation when teaching children so provides downloadable, customisable rewards for you and your school that we recommended you email or SMS to the pupil's parents.


Learn Club provides the resources and tools for the very best level of education and at a price everyone can afford. If however you can not afford to join Learn Club please contact the CEO and he will help arrange for a membership free of charge for your child or children - [email protected].