Hi I’m Dan King, I’m the founder of Learn Club which is a pre-seed investment opportunity.

Once upon a time… there lived a boy.

Every year the boy would start school and try really hard to do well. 

But every year the boy would fall further and further behind. 

The boy new that doing well in school was really important and would effect the rest of his life. 

But there were so many distractions and noise from other children and his teacher just kept on teaching.. no matter that the boy was left behind. 

Then on TikTok one day the boy discovcered Learn Club.

Where Learning is free and his subjects are all broken down into short animated videos with teachers that explained everything really clearly…

He loved learn club so much that he asked his mum if she could pay a little each month so he could be a super learner.

His mum was so pleased that he was excelling at education that she of course said yes. 

The boy got cleverer and cleverer not just at the subjects he found so hard in school.

but at thinking skills too…

The boy used Learn Club to give himself the very best possible start in life.

Now imagine what that boy could go on to achieve… be part of this amazing journey with learnclub.co.uk

Learn Club is a pre-seed investment opportunity.

Contact dk@learnclub.co.uk.